Manuel Olías

Dance Against War: Manklared Arts Collective [2003]

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Animación-danza contra la guerra para exhibición on-line creada en 2003 para el Colectivo Manklared.
Secuencia de fotografías de cuerpos masculino y femenino desnudos lanzadas en ilusión andrógina y cinética
con el mensaje sobre-impresionado.

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dance against war de manklared cultural collectivedance against war de manklared cultural collectivedance against war de manklared cultural collective
dance against war de manklared cultural collectivedance against war de manklared cultural collectivedance against war de manklared cultural collective

Pieza audio visual construida para su exihibición on-line contra la guerra que pertenece a los proyectos internacionales Anti War Web Ring de Atty, y Art Context de Andy Deck.
En la descriptión original para los anillos internacionales decía: Art against war, dance against war machine, bodies of peace… Manuel Olias Manco and Camille Hanson (dance), Merran Laginestra (music), Antonio Bravo (music), Eric VanBuggenhaut (server).
Originalmente fue página index que abría el sitio web del Colectivo Manklared

Related on BISKART ON-LINE MAGAZINE. Arts against war, 2002. Violeta Noetinger.

Animation Frame to frame involved since 2002 in the online international projects "ArtContext" and "WarTime, reflections on and reactions against wars by digital and network artists". Originally on Manklared Collective index page.

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El Colectivo de Artes Manklared lo componían en el momento de creación de este trabajo los integrantes del Madrid Independiente!, así como los colaboradores e invitados del Arts Against War, los contributors del blog, un diseñador de web y un administrador de sistemas Linux. Somos Camille C. Hanson (danza), Javier Melguizo (pintura y danza), Koke Armero (pintura), Dediego2001 (modelado caricaturista), Manuel Olías (pintura), Antonio Motas (video), Antonio Bravo (música), Merran Laginestra (música), Vicente Ente (redactor), Edmoon Otoole (escritor), Phader Mikel (música) y Eric VanBuggenhaut (debian).

Otras colaboraciones surgidas del Colectivo Manklared:
MADRID INDEPENDIENTE!!, micro-vídeo en torno al colectivo de artes manklared, con algunos de sus proyectos en colaboración. Realizado por Antonio Motas. Presentado en Artépolis, 2005 Madrid. Sexo Telefónico, 2005 Stop motion porno plastilina de Dediego2001 y Manco for Arte con música de Glamour to Kill. Un trabajo en torno a la virtualidad y el porno en internet. El Haiku web Gravedad 0, 2004, realizado para la feria Standart en Madrid en el Stand de Laagencia y WarTime por el Manco y la Chanson. Una micro danza en torno a la levedad del espíritu crítico de los intelectuales europeos ante la guerra, y Exorcismo a G. W. Bush, 2004 "El sueño del poder produce monstruos" de Manco y Jose Dediego.

manklared cultural collective

Anti-War Web Ring

Andy Deck NYC
Anti-War Web Ring and Directory

Since the start of the World Wide Web thousands
of anti-war and pro-peace projects have already
come and gone. Now presents a
first-ever collection of its kind documenting
the traces of anti-war movements that have
disappeared among the sponsored links, spams,
and twittering machines of today's infoverse.

Contemporary search engines have a tendency to
make dead websites disappear quietly. AntiWar404
counteracts some of the resulting amnesia. It
offers a concise record of the peace movement
forgotten by Google, resurrecting pages and pages
of war resistance that you won't find in your
search engine results. Documents re-found!

Maybe this is a good time to rediscover the
Anti-war Movement? While many in the U.S. voted
for Barack Obama to end the hawkish foreign policy
of the Bush era, so far the investments in Bush's
wars have only increased. April was the deadliest
month this year for both Iraqi civilians and
American soldiers. In Afghanistan and Pakistan,
aerial bombardments of villages -- and allegations
that the U.S. has used white phosphorus weapons --
have further diminished sympathy for the U.S.
presence in the region. Yet the demand for an
immediate end to Bush's wars is barely audible
in the din of American media. As the military
misadventures in Afghanistan and Pakistan escalate,
the role played by independent media in the lead
up to the war in Iraq is now "not found." is a non-profit media initiative
that uses online media to highlight peace advocacy
across the globe. Two high-profile GetPeaceful
assets -- the Anti-War Web Ring and Anti-War
Directory -- have handled more than a million
queries since 2002. They feature hundreds of
sites dedicated to peaceful conflict resolution,
ending ongoing wars, and raising awareness about
the cyclical aspects of warfare and related
business. The core inspiration for AntiWar404
came from the maintenance of these information
services, and the recognition that many of the
sites listed in the Directory were disappearing.

In addition to providing information about anti-war
efforts around the world, GetPeaceful presents
original online art that concerns war. During the
various wars of the past decade, earlier projects
developed by the founder of GetPeaceful, Andy Deck,
have been featured in publications around the world,
such as El Pais, the New York Times, der Spiegel,
Nokta, and Eleftherotypia. These include Withdrawal
Wizard (2004), Commission Control (1999), and
PsyOP-Art (2003). Mr. Deck specializes in online
media. His work with participative Internet media
has explored the limits and possibilities of the
Internet as an artistic medium.

For more about these and other projects, please visit
the website

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